***Introductory Mermaid Special!***

Receive $250 off your Mermaid Installation through the end of the Summer!
Be sure to book your Consultation before November 21!

Installation Cost

4 bags (Full Mermaid) $1,600 

5 bags (Mini Mega Mermaid) $1,750

6 bags (Mega Mermaid) $1,950

Booking an Appointment

Book your initial Consultation appointment for your Mermaid Maker to color match your hair. Your hair color should be the desired color, so the best time to book is either during your routine color appointment or soon after. A deposit of $950 for a Full Mermaid will be taken after your consultation.

Ask your Mermaid Maker to book your installation appointment while you are in the salon.

The best way to book your maintenance appointments is to pre-book your next appointment while you are still in the salon. If your schedule does not allow you to plan 4-6 weeks out, then plan on booking online and be sure to book as soon as possible so that you do not exceed 6 weeks.  It is better to get your maintenance sooner rather than later.